Saturday, 13 December 2014

Face The Fear...

Every individual has one or the other kind of fear. Many people may pretend that they are fearless. But, deep down their heart, they know the fear they are dealing with. Fear may be of any kind. It might be the fear of height, fear of water or even the fear of loosing someone close. Yes, just like everyone else, even I had a fear. The first thing that came in my mind when I saw this happy hour campaign on Indiblogger, by Mountain Dew team, was the fear that I had been dealt with, for such a long time. Where else could I share my personal experience better then this place?  

Well, since I was a child I was fascinated about driving. I had always dreamed to learn driving a vehicle. Being born and brought up in a small town where only few cars and bikes ran on the roads, my dream felt so normal. Only if I knew, that just a few years down the lane, I would be dumped in a city where the roads were packed with infinite number of vehicles, screaming and screeching around me. And that made me discover a new unknown fear in me. The 'ROAD FEAR'.

Road fear engulfed me completely. I was left in such a state, that my mind began to create all weird scenes, on how I could meet with an accident. Learning to drive was a distant matter, as now I was even scared to cross a road by myself. The days passed into months and months into years but my fear was constant, as I never let anyone help me to come out of it. I had finally made my mind, that now there is no way of driving a vehicle someday on my own.

One day, there was a party at my home. Many people had come. While having a casual talk with the guests, the topic of driving was raised. To my surprise every lady around me were good at driving and I found only me who was being so coward. As if this sinking feeling was not enough, everyone started making fun of me when they got to know that I don't drive. This was insulting. Even after the party got over, the incident kept me awake whole night, thinking what was wrong with me? Once a strong independent girl is now made fun of her fear. I could not take this anymore. And finally, I made my mind to overcome my fear and learn driving, starting from the very next day.

My husband gave me some basic training on driving. Every time I got scared, I reminded myself that all this fear is just the game my mind is playing. The only way to overcome the fear is to face it and kill it forever. After few days of initial driving training by my husband, I joined driving classes, which not only helped me learn drive a vehicle, but also made me more confident on roads. I also learnt various rules and regulations to be followed while on road. This was a complete new experience for me. And most importantly I was feeling liberated.

                                                                                             - LUKAS JONKMAN

Do watch the video to overcome the fear and free yourself :)

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Today's Healthy Child, Tomorrow's Successful Adult...

They say,  'In every adult there exists a child that was. In every child there exists an adult that will be'.

In this fast paced era, there is a race in every field. Academics, sports, general knowledge or dance, there is a  tough competition a child has to go through, in its day-today life. And this competition is not limited only up till school. There is so much more to do even after the school hours, in so less time. While in this race of life, who has the time to fall ill? If ever someone feels sick then there is no doubt that he has lost the competition.

I personally don't remember falling sick that often even as a child. The credit for this obviously goes to my Mom. I am born and brought up in a small town near Goa named as Karwar. Spending my childhood close to the nature have given me an exposure to many such stuffs which city kids can never even imagine.

In this harsh city life, day by day kid's health is becoming more and more difficult to manage. Even after taking so much of the precautions we can't stop them from feeling sick. Lately, my little niece use to feel very tired. As soon as she would get back home after the school she would directly go to the bed. Once charming and naughty kid all of a sudden changed into a silent girl. We initially thought this was common. But, later she started to have fever frequently. Now this was alarming and we consulted a good doctor. The doctors'  reports were clear that my niece was suffering from typhoid. This was a heart breaking news for all of us. Seeing someone you love the most suffer is one biggest punishment one can get. The treatments went on for almost a month and the entire house was just praying for her recovery. However she recovered soon and is fit and fine now. And with her smile once again our house is illuminated.

Today when I look at myself, I can see a strong independent woman managing the house and work at the same time. I sometimes wonder, if I would still have the same strength and same activeness if I kept falling Ill when I was a kid? Probably the answer is NO. If the roots of a tree itself are weak the tree wouldn't be strong enough.

This post is written for an Indi-blogger and Dabur Chyawanprash  contest 'A healthy child makes a healthy home' 

Friday, 29 August 2014

Hope makes every dream come true...

This is something I was thinking to write from a long time but due to one or the other reason it did not happen. But, today morning when I woke up I made my mind to write this post. This is my real experience of how I got placed in one of the Software Company after trying for so long. 

After completing my BE in Computers I worked in a government firm where I had gained zero knowledge and zero growth for 3 years. After my marriage I quit that job and shifted to Pune. With my weak academics and 3 years of waste past work experience it was next to impossible for me to get placed in any software firm. So, I decided to learn Software Testing thinking that it would help me. After researching a bit on Internet I joined Seed Infotech, Chinchwad branch to do my Diploma in Software Testing.

It was a 1 month course where I got a good knowledge on Software Testing. My tutors Rahul Sir and Shakuntala Mam were the best and even the books provided by Seed helped me gain a lot of knowledge. Apart from this a personality development class of 1 day gave me a complete insight of how to behave and answer in an interview. All this made me think that I was born to be a Software Tester :) 

After 1 month the class was over. I started getting mails about the openings from Seed everyday. I kept applying but due to my gap of 3 years I got rejected in many companies. Rejections really affected me. Even though I did best in the interviews it was of no use. In this world where there is so much of competition the companies would obviously prefer someone who have recently passed out or has some experience in that field. And here I was, who had neither. The most worst part was that in the every company where I gave the interview I was rejected in the last round. I did not get placed anywhere even after 3 months of passing out.

Due to my husband's transfer I shifted to Mumbai. Seed used to send me mails only for Pune companies. I requested Seed to send me Mumbai companies mails instead of Punes. After completing some basic online formalities, within a day I started getting the job opening mails from Mumbai.

But, again the same story was repeated here in Mumbai too and I got rejected in every interview. I was disheartened. So I started applying for the post which were in other fields. Like, I got one mail from Seed for the post of Support Co-ordinator. I applied for it and was selected. Though this was not what I wanted to do, I started working there thinking that its better to do something then doing nothing.

I did not leave the hope and kept preparing about Software Testing when ever I got a little bit of time. Seed kept sending me job openings mails and I kept applying and I was as usual rejected for obvious reason. 1 year passed and still I was not placed as a Tester which had become my dream now. 

One fine day I applied for a company which was very close to my house. As usual I cleared all the rounds which were like. 
1st round - Technical paper.
2nd round - Face to face technical round with Test lead
3rd round - Face to face technical with Test Manager.
4th round - Some HR questions.

And the 5th and the last round was pending which was with the MD. After getting back home I had no hopes that I would be called back for this last round as it had become a habit for me of getting rejected in last round. 

To my surprise next day I got a call from the company. My interview with the MD was over and I was asked to wait outside. I was making my mind ready to accept one more rejection sportively. And guess what!!! The HR came out with an offer letter.
Yes, I was finally selected as a Software Tester after waiting for 1 whole year. And my dream came true :)

If you keep on trying without loosing hope then definitely you will succeed one day. People who write bad review on the internet about Seed infotech, please keep in mind that Seed just give us knowledge and sends us for interview. But, cracking the interview is on us. Seed cant help us in that. 

These days the online job portals like monster or naukri does not help anyone. Forget about landing a job but not even it gets us an interview. At least with the help of Seed we get to know where the current openings are. 

I recommend Seed Infotech for everyone who want to do any course after completing their degree.

Thank you seed for making this possible for me :)

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Life at 418th floor...

The Sun had set and the first stars made their appearance. Richa have always loved this time of the day. She welcomed every evening with her mobile phone, in her balcony till the dark night hovered over the city. The 'Sunshine Towers' her apartment name, was promptly displayed as her location, on her phone. From her 18th floor the city looked beautiful. What more fascinated her, was looking at the tiny lights from the vehicles, marching on the busy road. At least that was the time when she could find a little movement in her dull, lonely day. The loneliness in her life was slowly taking a toll on her. She remembered every second of that fateful day even today. 

"Don't be a crazy. Only some supernatural power could make it possible", Richa had cried.

Abhay, her scientist husband, involved in his research from past 10 years, in making a time machine, but ultimately, just became a joke among his peers, has finally decided to move to an unapproachable place. A place where he could completely focus on his research work and one day succeed. 

Abhay had politely told, "What people think as supernatural today, technology can turn all that into reality tomorrow. Just the matter of few days and I will be back".

The days turned into months and months into years. But, there was no sign of Abhay's return, even after 5 long years. 

A sudden door bell, dragged Richa out from her thoughts, back to the reality. She opened the door to find none but a gift packed in a colorful paper. She picked it with curiosity and the note read 'FROM ABHAY'.  

Richa could not believe her eyes. Her heart beat raised and she fell cold. She closed the door and frantically opened the box. It was a ASUS mobile phone. As soon as she switched it on, it displayed a message, 'Press OK to meet Abhay'. Without a second thought she pressed the OK button. In a moment, she could visualize everything change around her, quickly but surely. The furniture, the wall, the paint, the electronic gadgets everything changed into something she had never seen before. All she could do was to stand dumbfounded, looking at the mobile phone in her hand, not understanding what to do next. The date in her phone indicated 25th July, 2114.

She suddenly remembered the balcony where she was standing a few minutes back. She ran there to have a look. The view from the balcony, finally made her sink into the reality.

She could no more view those tiny lights from the vehicles, as the vehicle passed through the multiple tube like structures, which have replaced the roads. The strange tall buildings everywhere around, left her in awe. The gaint solar power generator stood proudly in front of her eyes, which screamed that it provided electricity to the entire city. To look at the clouds she peeped down from her balcony. Just then her cell phone beeped a warning message. "You are on 418th floor of Sunshine Towers. Your 2 minutes in balcony are over. Please get inside or press 'O' to create an oxygen bubble around you". She got inside her house not wanting to experiment anymore.

Richa started to explore the other rooms of the house expecting to find Abhay there. But, was disappointed to see no sign of him anywhere.  It was getting dark, so she searched for a switch board to switch on the lights. To her surprise,  there were no single switch board in the entire house. She guessed that her mobile phone might help her in switching on the lights. So, she started to explore the other functions in her phone. She found a button 'home' on her mobile and pressed it.  The wings like pop out screens popped out from both the sides of her phone. One screen indicated all the electrical and electronic equipment names and other displayed the options for environmental control. She clicked on lights option on the 'home controls' screen and her house was illuminated with lights. This excited her to try out something more.

It was cold there, so she chose an option to increase the temperature of the room. Some clicks on the required buttons and her room temperature was increased as per her need. Richa then thought of trying something from 'environmental controls' screen. So she cliked on a wind option, which allowed her to enjoy a mild wind that softly caressed her face and gave her a very soothing feeling.  

She sat down on a chair, dumbstruck by the phone created by her husband. After all she could do so many miracles using her phone, which nobody could have done or seen back then in year 2014. 

Abhay's words resonated in her mind, "What people think as supernatural today, technology can turn all that into reality tomorrow". The door bell once again dragged her back from her thoughts. Simultaneously, her phone also beeped. She looked at her phone screen which displayed Abhay's image standing outside the door. A message blinked "Press 'U' to unlock the door".

Richa smiled...

This post is written for the Indiblogger contest ASUS, In Search of Incredible 

Image Credits : Mobile images designed by my husband, Deepak.

Friday, 4 July 2014

CarConnect... A perfect place for Car Lovers!

When I first heard of CarConnect contest on Indiblogger, the site drew all my attention towards it. This was because this website was based on Cars. I being a car designer's wife, my husband only see cars and talk cars all day long. He is very passionate about cars and this passion is very much needed in his profession. You can see his designs here.

I told him about this website and not to my surprise he was stuck to it to explore it more. After about an hour he started to smile and said, "Awesome! This was what I exactly needed." Then he started explaining me how much this website is helpful for the car lovers. After looking at his excitement I thought of exploring it myself.

I created my profile in CarConnect website and got to see this amazing dashboard. The tabs like CAR NEWS and NEW LAUNCHES contain very informative news which keeps us updated on latest trends in Market.

Apart from these above tabs, my personal favorite section is COMPARE CAR. Here we just have to select from the drop-down menu, the options like Car Brand, Car Model and Car variant of two different cars and we get the E-mail of the complete comparison in PDF format within 48 hours. Isn't it amazing?

Here on this site we also have options to share our car experience or long drive experience. In this place we get a chance to meet and read many others who have common interest in cars and travelling. Overall, CarConnect is the one place where we can get every information about cars under one roof. A perfect place which connects many car lovers.

This post is written for Indiblogger CarConnect Contest. To know more about Cars please click here.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Salman Khan on Baggout.. Swagat nahi karoge aap hamara?

Being a celebrity isn't an easy task. And if the celebrity is as popular as Salman Khan then there is no chance he can go out shopping in the market or crowded malls. So this is a post depicting Salman's experience on Baggout with some of his mind blowing dialogues.

Hi I am Salman Khan. Hum yahan ke Robin Hood Hain, Robin Hood Pandey. Who doesn't know me? Arey! Everyone know me yahi toh PROBLEMM ho gayi hai BOSSS. No privacy in life. One wrong move and I become the headlines of every news paper and the breaking news of every another channel.

They say no one in Bollywood can beat my fashion and style. Those follower of fashion look at me as an ideal. It is always a necessity for me to look good. Not that I need to try for that but as you know ke Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di fir toh main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta. 

I was bored of wearing the same clothes by my designer. I wanted to try something new. Something of my selection. But my designer and stylist were strict against this. Phir kya? Boldiya unhe ke Main request nahi karta. Ek he baar bolta hu or full and final ho jata hai.   I decided to wear everything on my own terms and own selection. But for that I had to go out in the malls for shopping which was next to impossible for me. Some suggested me to hire a person who can do this for me. But Mujh par ek ehsan karna ki mujh par koi ehsan na karna. I straight away went to Sanju Bhai's house.

I discussed this difficulty of mine with Sanju Bhai and he gave me an Idea of Online shopping. But who has so much of time to research on different shopping website to know the best available offers. Bhai gave an onetime solution for all my worries and that was Baggout. Thanks to him.
Oops!!! No thanks. Akhir meri dosti ka ek oosul hai.. No Sorry, no thank you

Baggout miraculously solved all my difficulties in wink of an eye. Most importantly it has separate sections for separate buyers like shown below which makes it easier to find items. So many varieties available at one place and even ordering items is easy.

The best part is the amazing offers provided which saves a lot of money. As you know Main Sirf money bhai ke liye kaam karta hoon.

So this is all about my experience with Baggout. Try it out or else hum tum mein itne ched kardenge ki kanfuge ho jaoge ke sans kahan se lein aur p**** kahan se... 

Saturday, 24 May 2014

A Nightmare? Or a Serial Fever ?

The house was flooded with the guests. All my close relatives were busy in my marriage arrangements. I was on cloud nine as my dream was finally coming true. My wedding Saree, the traditional South Indian jewellery everything was set and I was almost ready to be dressed and walk as a most beautiful bride.  

Suddenly I sensed there was something wrong. My Mom and my aunt were discussing something seriously. I went close to them to know what was the matter. I heard them talking that the groom's family had rejected for the marriage. This matter did not shock me. As I was sure that even if his family had went against me in this very last moment, he will be there to support me and will find out some solution to this. I had so much of trust in him that I was sure he will come in few minutes and the marriage ceremony will go on as planned. 

It was then my eyes fell on the marriage invitation card. But, whose name have these people printed on this? There wasn't his name on the card. That means my parents already knew of all this and have fixed my marriage with someone else.This scared me like hell. The only thing that came in my mind at this moment is to call him and hear that everything was alright and he would be coming soon. I just wanted to listen that he love me. 

I went upstairs and called him. He received. I was still sure that he is not going to hurt me in any ways. The trust level was so high. 

I asked " Have you got ready for the marriage?" 
"No" he replied.
"So you want to marry me no?" I questioned.
"No I don't want to marry you" he said in a harsh tone.

I could not believe my ears. A chill ran down my spine. I was sweating profusely. Completely unaware of what went wrong all of a sudden I began to sob uncontrollably. The sweet memories spent with him were swirling in my mind. There was not even one such bad moment I could recall which could make him take such a cruel decision.

I somehow composed myself and went back to my dressing room. The last moment arrangements were still going on as if everything was normal. I thought that it was better to live everything on fate now. I did not want to hurt my mother even more by creating a scene. Being a single mother, she had done a lot of sacrifices while growing me up. So, at least now it was my duty to give her little happiness by all the possible ways that I could.  

I asked my aunt "What is the guys name to whom I am going to get married"?
Earlier when I had seen his name in the invitation card, my mind could not grasp it due to the adrenaline rush.
My aunt said "His name is Sarvagun".

Forget about seeing the guy, I had not even heard this name in my lifetime. Even the mere thought of spending my life with some stranger about whom I did not know even a little, gave me shiver. I heard someone speaking in the distance that the groom works for export and import company. Now the only thing I knew about my to-be-husband was that his name and his profession. Tears flowed down my cheeks again.

I missed him. Once again every moment spent with him played in front of my eyes. I cursed my fate. There was a strange sense of fear of loosing him for ever. I was trembling as the sweat slowly trickled down my forehead.

And then....

I heard a strong masculine voice shaking me "Wake up Sonia its 8. Even today you will be late to work ". I got up with a start and saw my husband lying next to me. A sense of relief embraced me. I thanked god that it was just a dream. I hugged him tight as I will never let him go. He asked what happened to me. I told him about my dream. He laughed and hugged me tight.

We might not realize the depth of our love for someone in day to day life. So, sometimes a nightmare is needed to know how much we love them. 

I have completed one year of my arranged marriage this month and now even the mere dream of going away from my husband has shaken me to my soul. My husband kept making fun of my dream all day long. I am watching a lot of serials (daily soaps) these days. I strongly feel my dream could be a good masala for a daily soap episode. :-P